In addition to the Frequently Asked Questions posted on this page, KidsWatch has an online Knowledgebase which can be accessed from our customer Technical Support page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an annual fee?

A: Aside from the original purchase price which allows you to install the software on up to three personal computers, there is an annual subscription fee associated with the Web Filtering Edition.

This subscription fee covers the cost of hosting filtering servers around the world, maintaining our URL database, the technology necessary to keep up with the ever changing chat technologies and the maintenance on our sexual offender database.

If you do not renew the annual subscription all of the time management features continue to function. The current annual subscription fee is $29.95 but is subject to change and is based on our costs.

Q: How do I pause or stop the timer?

A: To pause the timer you can either switch users or hold down the windows key and select the letter L. This sends you back to the Windows welcome screen and pauses all timers. Once paused the user will not be logged off when their computer time is up.

Q: Sometimes when I restrict one program in the program tree other programs are automatically restricted.

A: Programs are restricted based on their name and location; therefore if you restrict one program in the tree and that same program exists in other parts of the program tree, it will also be restricted.

Q: What is the difference between setting up user accounts in Control Panel and adding accounts via the KidsWatch Add User feature?

A: There is not much of a difference. Control Panel provides you with more options regarding the privileges a user can be set up with.

Q: If there is no activity on my computer does KidsWatch automatically log you off?

A: Yes, if you login to your computer and walk away from it KidsWatch will log you off automatically when your time limit has been reached.

Q: How many users can I establish?

A: There is no limit to the number of users you can have with their own unique set of computer and program restrictions.

Q: Can I customize access privileges for each user?

A: Yes, just highlight the user you would like to work with and set their computer and program restrictions.

Q: What programs or applications on the computer can I limit access to?

A: You should be able to limit access to any and all programs. Keep in mind that some programs, such as Anti-virus or Firewall programs play a key role in the operation of your computer so you may want to be very selective as to what you limit or restrict.

Q: How can I control or limit my child's Internet usage?

A: KidsWatch provides you with the flexibility to limit some or all Internet usage. So for example if you wanted to limit your children from surfing the Internet but permit use of instant messaging. You would just restrict Internet Explorer or whatever browser they use and allow AOL Instant Messenger, MSN messenger or whatever messaging service they were using.

If you wanted to limit or restrict the Internet you would restrict the programs they are using to get to the Internet. Examples are Internet Explorer, AOL, Microsoft's MSN, and Netscape Navigator.

If there is any doubt as to which programs allow them to get to the Internet, just restrict all programs with one click of your mouse button and only allow the ones that you are familiar with.

Q: Which chat clients does KidsWatch support?

A: Yahoo, AIM, MSN, ICQ and Jabber.

Q: Will my family know KidsWatch is running on the computer?

A: Yes, the first time they receive a message indicating that their computer or program time is about to expire they will realize that you are controlling their computer time. Aside from the messages there is no other indication that KidsWatch is running on their computer.

Q: Can my kids stop KidsWatch from working or circumvent the time restrictions?

A: No, KidsWatch was designed and developed with security in mind. Your children will not even be able to see it running and will not be able to circumvent any of the time restrictions.

Q: How will my family know when their time on each application, game or the Internet is soon to expire?

A: They will receive a 5 minute warning that their time is about to expire and then additional warnings at 1 minute intervals.

Q: Is KidsWatch difficult to install and use?

A: No, KidsWatch was designed for someone that is not familiar with computers. Each page instructs the user to exactly what they need to do. We have included a user guide on the CD-ROM and also offer free telephone support for any additional questions that may arise.

Q: Can my child change their access privileges?

A: No, only individuals that you designate as administrators are able to set or change computer and program restrictions.

Q: What if I forget my password?

A: If you forget your password to all of the accounts that you have on your computer and can no longer login you may need to reinstall the operating system or purchase 3rd party products that allow you to set a new password.

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