Our program monitors over 1,600 preset keywords and gives you the ability to add your own. You can monitor your kids chat sessions, instant messages, and receivee-mail alerts when these keywords are used by your children.

FAQ: Which chat does KidsWatch support?

A: Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, AOL AIM, MSN, ICQ
and Jabber. In the very unlikely event your child is
using another chat service, simply block access to
that chat site and require them to use one of these
popular chat clients.

Kids Do Not Realize the Internet is Public
We teach our children to be safe on the internet but it
is very easy to forget and a difficult lesson to learn.
KidsWatch monitors hundreds of keywords, plus any
keywords you want to add, that could potentially be
harmful to your children, depending on their age:
  • Your address and home phone number.
  • Drugs, alcohol, sex, and other inappropriate words.
  • Plus keywords you want to add based on your own family safety protocols.
KidsWatch will send you an E-mail Alert when these keywords are used, along with the related content.  

A Safe "Additional" Feature to Have
Our chat monitoring feature may not be the sole reason to bring KidsWatch into your home but it is a great safety feature to have. Consider this statistic from the Crimes Against Children Research Center:

"Almost one in five young Internet users receive unwanted sexual solicitations."

To us, that seems like a staggering number and you don't have to look further than reading your local newspaper to be aware just how frequently these situations can occur. Please review the sample KidsWatch Chat Report on the right, and see how you can be made aware of when parental guidance may be needed.

Indicates Use of a Keyword that can be Optionally Configured to Trigger an E-mail Alert."

KidsWatch comes preloaded with many keywords other parents around the world have used to monitor their child's safety.

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