Predator Watch allows you see registered sex offenders that live or work in your neighborhood. You can see their name, address, picture, and convictions. You can also be notifed when new offenders move into the neighborhood.

Predator Alert

Internet predators target children and many
exploit children under the guise that they are
their peers, and harmless "Internet Friends". As we
read in the newspapers all too often, strangers met children online pretending they are actually teens or preteens.

Would your child know the difference between a harmless friend and a dangerous Internet predator?
These people are very good at appearing to be
something other than what they really are.

"Your software is doing exactly as you
advertised it would. Now, she has the
opportunity to go outside and play during the
day and sleep at night, without me worrying all
the time what she is getting into on the Internet."

-Mitchell Mintz, Cleveland, Ohio

Many of the KidsWatch features, such as Chat Monitoring and E-Mail Alert, will automatically and significantly reduce the risk of your child's exposure to Internet predators. Predator Watch is just another optional insurance plan for minimizing your risk:
  • See where registered sexual predators live and work around you.
  • Obtain their name, address, and view their photograph.
  • Sign up for e-mail alerts and receive notifications when a new registered sexual offender moves into your neighborhood.
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