E-mail alerts help you keep tabs
on your children while you are
away. You can turn this feature
on and off, and adjust how often
you would like to receive our
KidsWatch e-mail notifications.
Receive E-MAIL Alerts from KidsWatch
Now you can be alerted immediately when your child steps outside the boundaries of safe surfing. KidsWatch will automatically send you e-mail alerts when your child enters a suspect phrase or keyword from any chat and instant message conversation.

For example, if your child is holding an instant messenger conversation and the keyword DRUGS is part of that conversation, an e-mail can be sent out to alert you. The email will include an excerpt from the chat conversation so you can see the whole meaning for how the word was used and our chat reports provide transcripts of the entire conversation.

The day you install KidsWatch from our Free Download section, you are immediately armed with 1,630 suspect words or phases, plus you can add as many of your keywords as you like. Our e-mail alert can also notify you when attempts are made to access blocked or restricted websites.

"KidsWatch fit our wish-list perfectly! We just downloaded the trial software and it worked as advertised. We bought the software and it has removed a major headache in our home."

-J. Salisbury, Logan UT
Protecting Your Family from Potential Dangers
Another, and all too common, example of how KidsWatch email alerts can be used is to notify you when your child is giving out personal information.

Imagine your kids freely giving out:
  • Their full names.
  • Your home address.
  • Your home phone number.
  • Other e-mail addresses in the family.

With KidsWatch you are immediately notified and you can make your own decision as to the importance of the event because you will see the actual conversation, how this information was given, and who it was given to.

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