Some kids will stay on a computer all day and all night if you let them. KidsWatch lets you pick what time of the day and how many hours a day you think is appropriate for each child to be on the computer.

The Quick and Easy Solution to Creating
Computer Schedules for Your Kids

Finally, you have a way to setup and organize
the time your kids will be on the computer. With
KidsWatch Time Limit Control you can create custom
schedules for each child in your family.
  • No fighting over computer time.
  • No secret late night computer sessions.
  • Separate homework time from play time.
  • Limit computer time abuses.
  • Set up daily or weekly time quotas and schedules.
  • Setup schedules and time quotas for computer, Internet, individual program and web site usage.
And your settings are not etched in stone. You have the ability to give out unique passwords that can be used only once if you have to adjust a schedule on the fly. The program is simple to set up and easy to use. We designed it that way to manage our own kids computer time.

Computer Time Limit

We bought the software and it has removed a major headache in our home."

-J. Salisbury
Logan UT

The Time Limit Solution that Works with You
We didn't only design KidsWatch to limit and manage the time your kids spend on the computer, we also designed it to easily install and not take any of your free time managing the software.

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