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Block Content With KidsWatch
Safe web filtering is different from blocking Internet access in that your children can still be exposed to inappropriate materials without going to blocked websites.

For example, you may allow your children to visit the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) website to see movie reviews. On this site, your children can be exposed to adult dating advertisements. Innocent web surfing has now resulted in exposure to inappropriate content.

KidsWatch filters and blocks all web content so this innocent web surfing experience will stay that way.

When your child is surfing the Internet, your computer is constantly downloading files and rebuilding them on your computer. The beauty of the KidsWatch software is that it works right at the point of downloading, and through a complex list of programming algorithms, it removes the web content you do not want your kids to view.

Easy to Install
The screen shot below shows you just how easy it is to restrict unwanted web content in minutes. KidsWatch comes with the same parental control default settings we use for our own children’s safety.

screen block content