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Block Visits to Unwanted Websites
KidsWatch has categorized thousands of websites that are inappropriate for children. Our dynamic categorization engine will also read the contents of a website before your child will ever see it. The technology dynamically determines if the content is appropriate for your child based on the categories you have selected. So, if it is a new site just posted yesterday, KidsWatch will still filter its contents.

We update our filtering database on a daily basis which provides an immediate impact to your child’s surfing, protecting them with every click of the mouse.

We also block access to known dangerous sites, Spyware, malicious and infected sites and phishing sites – sites which try to steal your personal data. We provide you with over 60 categories of content to help you determine which content is appropriate for your child at a very granular level.

Block Bad Websites


A Partnership for Total Protection
You can choose to have KidsWatch send you an e-mail alert anytime your child attempts to visit a blocked or restricted site. Our experience and your personal guidance make KidsWatch the perfect solution for ensuring your children use the Internet in a safe and appropriate manner.

Add Your Own Blocked Websites
KidsWatch supports 60 categories of content, so simply place a check mark to the left of the Adult category to block all Adult web sites.

In some cases you may want additional flexibility and KidsWatch delivers. For example, you may want to block an entire category of content, but allow access to one or two sites as exceptions or allow an entire category, but block one or two problem sites. To address this need, KidsWatch allows you to add your own restricted sites or override the category restriction and allow some blocked sites.

These can include:

  • Facebook, MySpace or YouTube
  • Illegal Movie or Music Downloads Sites
  • Inappropriate and/or Illegal File Sharing Sites
  • Dating Sites