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"I've been trialling a bunch of different time control apps for my online game-addicted 12 year old son. You guys just won, hands down."

-Mark W. McCauley, St. Paul, MN

"I tried other time control software before KidsWatch. Nothing compares."

-Joseph Staples, Farmington, UT

"I have tried eight other programs and yours is better. You have the easiest and most versatile interface. I did buy your software since it was the best the market has to offer."

-Gerald Bollinger, Ridgewood, New York

"Keep up the good work. You have a great product and fantastic customer service :-) I have just purchased the Standard Edition of kidsWatch - what an amazing program! You have solved our household arguments ("Ohhh please Mum, just five more minutes??" and "This is the fourth time I've called you for dinner, get off the computer NOW!!!") in one easy step. THANK YOU!! "

-Stephanie Stead, Canberra, Australia

"I have been researching a program like this for my home network for about 6 months and I find that your program beats all of your competitors.I am a Network Administrator for a company so I am fully aware of security loopholes in any type of networks. Having teenagers in the household also drove me to protect my mini network at home from all that comes along. We have always had problems with our oldest son to get him off the computer when it is time to come off.With this program it does it all - I am very impressed with this. It has the simplicity for all parental administrators to manage their families using the family computers.I strongly recommend this software application to any family household. I have already referred a lot of my friends to KidsWatch who are having the same issues as we are with the kids on the computers. Hats off to you guys at - a very well thought out program. "

-Rod Friesen, Surrey, BC. Canada

"I have left a nice review at CNET downloads where I heard about this and will be purchasing another license for my other son when he gets his new computer for Christmas(I promise not to be such a pest next time) Again, thank you for such AWESOME customer service and an outstanding program."

-Daniel Hardesty, Bristol Wisconsin

"After evaluating several 'Parental Control" programs we decided to use the KidsWatch program. We chose the application because of its user friendly interface and price. Within 15 minutes we had configured appropriate time limits and controls for all three of our children. This is a simple and very effective solution to the modern problem of controlling your children's Internet/computer interactions. "

-Dave Mattingly, St. Tampa, Florida

"I find this program invaluable in controlling my son's excessive Internet usage! It is very good and very stable."

-Jon Chapman, Nottingham, United Kingdom

"That is why after 3 days of hard searching and going through 15 different programs, yours is finally the one I'm sticking with and I'll be purchasing it at the end of my trial."

-Matthew Holevinski, Topeka, KS

"By the way, I've evaluated 3 other similar programs so far, and yours is by far the best!"

-John Tappero, Big Bear Lake, CA

"I'm in Canada and on the 15 day trial for your program. I must say it is really great. This is the best product I've found. Great job! Someone deserves a pat on the back."

-Lorne Ryan, St. John's Canada

"However, sure, I would be happy to be quoted for testimonial! I have four kids ages 5 to 16, and with KidsWatch it's easy to set up and keep track of their time online. It's reliable and tamper-proof! Thanks again for all your help. I hope this is it!"

-Gail McFayden, Omaha, NE

"KidsWatch sure got my kids attention. He’s already changing his behavior patterns based on his inability to get around KidsWatch. He never has anything nice to say about it but seems to blame the program makers and not me. Works very well and getting a support call when I first tried it on my cell phone clinched it for me. Excellent software, excellent company and worth every penny."

-Gary Keithline, Saint Charles, Missouri

"What I most like about the program is that it's hacker-proof. I've got a few 15-year olds (son & friends) trying to avoid restrictions doing things like changing time, trying to stop services etc, but KidsWatch has been functioning ever since I bought it. I have been working in information technology since 1982 or so, and I'm impressed with stability, performance & flexibility! Keep up the good work!"

-Nico W. van den Herik, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

"The KidsWatch program has been a life saver in our house and now customer service has came through when I needed help. I've recommended KidsWatch to numerous friends and family. Keep up the good work."

-Joe Coleman, Alpharetta, GA

"KidsWatch is a fantastic product! I researched and tested many other similar products, you folks definitely did it right!"

-Jim Baird, Scituate, MA

"I have to say that this application is a truly marvelous piece of software that arguably ought to come as part of Windows itself ! Every parent should have the means to set limits. Kids tend to let things run away with them as I have seen first hand for myself. And as a parent it is always a serious concern that your kids are spending all their time in chat rooms on the Internet. Kidswatch solves that problem at a stroke."

-Kevin C. Turner, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

"Thanks again for your support, you are a very good example on how support should work! I pass the great help that you've given me to my PC-magazine who recommended the program to their readers. They often do research to find out how different company handles their support and I will tell them that you are in the highest class in this matter! I hope you can keep up the good work. I will recommend this program to all my friends with kids! It's a great program to get rid of the fights at home."

-Katarina Johansson, Torekov, Sweden

"I've tried out eight different Internet usage programs. Time Control, by far, offers the best set of features."

-J.T. Thomasson, Boston, Massachusetts

"KidsWatch is the only program I have found to limit on-line gaming time. It beats CyberPatrol and Cybersitter hands down in functionality."

-Kathy Clinton, Sugar Land, Texas

"This is a great product for controlling access to and time spent on the computer! It has saved us from numerous 'encounters' regarding who has spent how much time on the computer. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with children."

-Derek Hess, Moraga, CA

"Thanks for a great program, definitely has functionality that is unavailable elsewhere!"

-Tom Wilson, Brightwaters, NY

"Thanks I have now purchased your product which I find great for managing my teenagers computer use."

-Michael Taylor, Melbourne, Australia

"Everything seems perfect now. Thank you very much and your product is the best."

-Antone C., San Jose, CA

"I have trial tested Cyber sitter, Net Nanny and content protect software and by leap and bound KidsWatch is the most complete and flexible of all."

-A. Feldman, Orlando, Florida

"Thanks again and thanks for your program, it really is a blessing to not have to get after our teenagers to get off the computer!"

-T. Osborn, Dallas Center, IA

"By the way, your program is tremendous! ...simple to use, yet my son who's pretty savvy with computers has not been able to deactivate it."

-D. Leonard, Dover, NH

"I have researched several programs to control both computer usage and to lock down areas of my computer from my teenagers. Kids Watch Time Control is by far the best and allows for incredible flexibility in how restrictions are applied. The support group is fantastic and often replies to support requests within hours. I have recommended the program to several of my friends."

-T. Brown, Ottawa, Ontario

"I tried various trial products and this was the ONLY one that gave me what was needed to restrict my 2 children's computer use to the extend that I feel necessary. Thanks for a great product!"

-H. Schmidt, Pretoria, South Africa

"I have tried KidsWatch for 15 days, and it's just a fantastic application! :-)"

-F. Norbeck, Norway

"KidsWatch is a great product."

-B. Wessner, Columbia, MD

"It really has been wonderful in stopping all our family arguments on computer usage. My teenage son would spend hours playing computer games despite all our attempts at setting reasonable limits for him. This usually was followed by much arguing on how long he had actually been on the computer (somehow his watch defied all the rules of earth-bound physics and ran in its own time & space continuum). Your software was just the ticket to identify the programs that he had limits on and sign him off when the limit is up. No longer am I the bad guy - the computer is! With your software, he is free to continue to use the computer for homework, so the program-by-program limits are a perfect solution to a parents dilemma."

-Helene Gidley, Ann Arbor, MI

"My Daughter does not like your software. (That is an understatement). She called you thinking if she canceled the order that she could get on her computer. Please disregard the phone call. Until I installed your software, she was getting up in the middle of the night and going in chat rooms. A 12 year old has no business in chat rooms or on a computer when she should be in bed. Your software appears to be doing exactly as you advertised. Now she has the opportunity to go outside and play during the day and sleep at night, without me worrying what she is getting into on the Internet."

-Mitchell Mintz, Cleveland, Ohio

"Before we looked for parental control software, my wife and I created a 'wish-list' of features we wanted. Then, we started searching the web for the software that matched our wish-list.We searched on and off for a couple of days and we were unable to find anything close to what we wanted. Then, happily, we found It fit our wish-list perfectly! We down-loaded the trial software and it worked as advertised. We bought the software and it has removed a major headache in our home."

-J. Salisbury, Logan UT

"I am very pleased with finally finding a software program that will keep the computer usage down without a lot of arguing from the children and teens in the household."

-David H., Ontario Canada

"Finally, I must congratulate you on a simple yet powerful program. It is a great product. Highly recommended!"

-Andres E., Colorado, USA

"KidsWatch Time Control controls the Internet and gave me freedom from spying. With the busy schedules we and our kids have, (sports, school clubs, social events, etc.) it was impossible to know the amount of time they were on AOL Messenger verses using the Internet for school work.

KidsWatch Time Control let us set different daily and weekend time limits on computer use, the Internet, and individual programs for each child. Now everyone knows the rules and KidsWatch Time Control enforces them. Thank you!"

-J. Conner, Naperville IL

"I was concerned about my daughter's safety… I have read too many awful stories about girls being solicited in chat rooms and meeting strangers offline. With KidsWatch Time Control, I was able to prevent her from being on chat boards."

-B. Tomlinson, Toronto ON.

"KidsWatch TimeControl is great! I don’t know a lot about computers but, I loaded KidsWatch TimeControl and set-up user profiles for my entire family in just minutes!"

-C. Symonds, Valencia CA

"Fantastic and easy to use."

-L. Weidner, Midland TX

Now, I control the time he spends on the computer and ensure he is ready for school the next day."

-Single Parent, Stamford CT

"This was absolutely, hands down the best money I have spend in a long time!!! I love this program. Now there are no more arguments about how long my kids have been on, and no more little "white lies" - I swear I just got on! No more catching kids on the computer in the middle of the night. I could go on and on."

-Jennifer Westbrook in Mesquite TX

"I didn't find any software product yet which can be compared with KidsWatch. KidsWatch has a lot of functions, especially the possibility to set time restrictions on Internet use and also on computer use; kids have games locally installed, which can controlled by kidsWatch. Great product!"

-Piet Noppers Barneveld, Netherlands

"Congratulations on a great product!"

-Brian N Dobbins, Nottingham, England

"I really do love this program and wish I'd had it years ago!"

-Tim Tucker, Tecumseh, MI

"The computer has become a tool in the parent's hands again and not just a toy for the kids. Someone at KidsWatch must have kids."

-Tom and Kelly Stout, Asuncion Paraguay

"Thanks for a great program, definitely has functionality that is unavailable elsewhere!"

-Tom Wilson, Brightwaters NY

"I have, on several occasions, told colleagues at work, who have kids with computers, about all the peace your program has brought to our house. It has completely stopped all the bickering between siblings on computer use."

-Andrew Sciabbarrasi, Mesa, Arizona

"Thanks. I love the program - although my 15-year-old AIM addict hates it. Oh well."

-Thomas E. Brim, Jr., Olympia Fields, IL
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KidsWatch Gives You Automatic Licensing For Up To Three Computers!
Competitors Require You To Buy Their Software For Each Computer You Own.
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KidsWatch Product Comparison
Below is simple comparison chart that lists all the features and benefits of the KidsWatch Parental Control Features compared to the version that comes with Windows Vista, CyberSitter, and NetNanny. It is clear to see KidsWatch provides parents the ultimate in flexibility and serviceability. KidsWatch comes with licensing rights to be installed on up to three computers, where the competition charges per computer, making KidsWatch the best parental control solution for the best value.